What is a Buyers Agent? The Future of Home Buying

What is a Buyers Agent
Written by Aife Raveche 
on 8 Apr, 2024

In our competitive real estate market, a Buyer’s Agent is essential when securing the right property, at the right price. Unlike real estate agents, buyer’s agents purely service you, the buyer. How does a buyer’s agent help you when it’s time to find and buy property?

Consider this a guide to buyer’s agents and their role in real estate. Our expertise, insider knowledge and network make all the difference when navigating the real estate market for property buyers.

As your trusted buyers agent in Melbourne, Raveche Property works with your best interest at the forefront. We are licensed professionals and work independently on your behalf. We offer a tailored and personalised approach to purchasing your next property. We partner with you to ensure you are in the best possible position to secure the property of your dreams.

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The Role of a Buyer’s Agent: How We Help You

What is a buyer’s agent? We are your source of truth and trusted sidekick in the real estate market. We are your dedicated advocate and work tirelessly to find and secure your dream home or investment property. We are the advantage you need in the current market to secure your dream home.

What’s the difference between a buyer’s agent, selling agent and real estate agent?

The difference is in who they represent. Real estate agents and selling agents work with the vendor, and a licensed real estate agent can sell real estate. A buyer’s advocate represents the buyer throughout the entire process. It is important to note that legally, a buyer’s and selling agent cannot act on behalf of or accept a fee from both parties during a property transaction.

What services does a buyer’s agent offer?

  • Our buyer’s agents will start by deeply understanding your needs, preferences, and financial considerations. We then form a personalised strategy to find and secure your ideal property. We work as both a commercial buyers agent and an advocate for home buyers and investors.
  • We leverage our extensive and established real estate network to research market listings. We conduct thorough property searches and research, liaising with real estate agents to source the right property for your brief. Our network allows us to gain access to exclusive off-market properties, ensuring we find your ideal property.
  • We work solely for your best interests to get the best outcome for your budget, brief, and desired property result. 
  • We represent home buyers, upsizers, downsizers, commercial property buyers and investment buyers. We are your representative to inspect, assess, bid, and negotiate, to guarantee your desired property for the best possible purchase price.

Our unwavering dedication to ensuring our clients have a successful property partnership with us sets us apart. Your ideal property is closer than you think. Let us be your key to finding it.

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The Benefits of Using A Buyer’s Agent

You’re searching for real estate and now have a buyer’s agent in your corner. Where will you see a difference? Working with a good buyer’s agent has various benefits which will help secure your dream property for the right price.

Expert Market Knowledge and Insights

Insider knowledge is essential in the real estate market. We as your agent come with the latest market trends, local knowledge, suburb insights, and property values. We talk property all day, every day, so you know we have the full picture when searching for real estate. We will provide you with a competitive edge, ensuring you make informed decisions that set you up for success.

Access to Off-Market Properties

There are hidden and elusive gems of the real estate, off-market properties. These are properties available for purchase but are not publically listed. With our extensive network of real estate agents, we often have exclusive access to these. This means you will get first access to these unique opportunities that other buyers may miss. We also understand the current market value to ensure you get the right price.

Skilled Negotiation on your Behalf

Negotiation is tricky for most, but for a good buyer’s agent, it’s where we thrive. We are seasoned pros at negotiation, working diligently to secure the best possible deal. Your budget and buying brief is our top priority.

Save Time, Stress, and Cost When Searching

Searching for property can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Relax and let us do the work for you. We conduct the research and then begin shortlisting properties, organising building inspections, and negotiating ahead of auction bidding. While a buyer’s agent is an additional cost — you can save money by getting the best deal and a worthy investment with solid capital growth.

The Cost of Hiring A Buyer’s Agent

‘Are buyer’s agents worth the cost?’ The all-important question when engaging a buyer’s agent. Buyer’s agents’ fees can vary but often fall into common structures.

Payment could come from either a fixed fee, a percentage of the property’s purchase price, or a combination. It is essential to have transparency of the fees involved and the payment model of your buyer’s advocate upfront.

Evaluating Cost and Value

A buyer’s agent may require an up front retainer fee before beginning your property journey. At this point, consider the value they are providing you with this fee. Can they offer market insights, negotiation skills and time-saving benefits that justify the cost? Assess to ensure you’re getting the most for your money.

An Investment Worth Making

For most of us, buying property will be our most significant purchase. With this in mind, it’s essential to make informed decisions to get the best property, for the best price. When you work with Raveche as your buyer’s agent, you’ll see how our expertise and insider knowledge are invaluable when purchasing real estate.

Choosing the Right Buyer’s Agents For You

Choosing the right buyer’s agents is pivotal in your property journey. You should conduct thorough research and if possible, meet with different buyer’s advocates before selecting which may be right for you. Some may even offer free consultations to see if they’re right for your needs as a home buyer before locking into a contract.

Evaluate Their Credentials and Experience

Start by analysing the credentials and experience of your potential buyer’s agent. Look for certifications, licensing and testimonials from previous clients. Experienced buyer’s agents bring a wealth of local knowledge and insight. Another credential to look for is a real estate license — which a buyer’s agent must possess by law. If you are wondering how to become a buyers agent, becoming licensed is essential.

Understand Their Area of Expertise

Every market and submarket has its unique features and requirements. Ensure your buyer’s agent specialises and aligns with the property type you’re interested in. Their experience in a specific marketplace, such as Melbourne’s commercial property market or off-market listings, can make all the difference.

Compatibility and Communication

Personal compatibility and trust matters too. You will work closely with your buyer’s agent, so a strong working relationship is essential. Effective communication is key — make sure they listen to your needs and respond promptly when you begin the initial engagement.

By carefully considering these factors when interviewing buyer’s agents, you can successfully choose a buyer’s advocate that’s right for you.

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Buyer’s Agent Success Stories

One of the best sources to utilise when selecting your buyer’s agent is client success stories and testimonials. Raveche Property has been lucky enough to receive many five-star reviews and happy clients. See just some of our success stories below where engaging us as a buyer’s agent has truly made a difference.

We had the privilege of working with Aife and Marquis when we sold and bought a new house recently. Talk about a dream team! When we sold, they helped us find the best agent for the job and negotiated all of the contracts which was invaluable to us. When it came to buying, we had a tight turnaround, a 2-year-old and a few tricky suburbs on our wishlist, all making for an intense house-buying experience. Having them on board and benefitting from their experience, expertise and contacts alleviated so much pressure and we felt like we could relax in our decision-making. We ended up with a dream home. We would recommend Aife and Marquis to so many people.

Duchesne Markham

My wife and I were planning to buy our first home. We had an array of non-negotiable requirements the property had to have and we wanted to buy fast. Within a week or two Aife and her team were able to work their magic and we currently await our settlement! They are professional. They listen. And they work fast!

James Raydan

Ready to find your dream property with the experts? Contact Raveche Property today for a free consultation.

Buyers Agents Are They Key To Your Property Journey

A buyer’s advocate represents you throughout the entire buying process. Their insider knowledge, network of real estate agents and negotiation skills are the edge you need when finding a suitable property. We work tirelessly with a skilled and tailored approach to deliver your brief every time. We can identify when you’re receiving the best purchase price, and steer you away from any potential ‘lemons’ or problem properties.

Buyer’s agents not only save you money but time. Conducting research, attending inspections and arranging property inspection reports take significant time. Your agent manages every detail for a stress-free and successful experience. Ready to get the best of the Melbourne property market? It’s time to use a buyer’s agent.

Contact our buyer’s agent today to start your successful journey in the property market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a real estate agent and a buyer's agent?

This is an important distinction that many buyers are unaware of. While real estate agents represent sellers (or vendors), buyer’s agents are all about you — the buyer. We focus solely on your needs, interests, and financial goals.

Is it worth having a buyer's agent?

Buying property is one of the most (if not the most) significant investments we will make in our lifetime. A buyer’s agent is key to understanding the nuances and intricacies of the property market. Our expertise gives you access to off-market properties and ensures the purchase process runs smoothly. A buyer’s agent can help identify any potential issues with a property. This can save you money in the medium and long term. As your agent we save time, bring a high level of insight and ensure you get the right price.

What does a buyer's agent do?

As your buyer’s advocate, we are your guide, contact, and access to key opportunities throughout the market. We start by understanding your needs, considerations and goals when buying property, then develop a strategy to set you up for success. 

Our service assists you through every step of the process — from searching and inspecting to negotiating (including private sale negotiation) and purchasing. We have access to pre-market and off-market properties and connections and recommendations to other tried and tested allied-industry professionals such as mortgage brokers.

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