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Who We Are

At Raveche Property, we believe that property is powerfully entwined in our storytelling and identity. It’s a basic human need to have shelter, but our natural instinct is to elevate that shelter into:

…a space filled with our memories.

…a base that anchors us in a wider community.

…an investment for a rewarding future.

So many of the moments that create who we are, are centred around homes. Whether you’re buying that perfect place, investing to set yourself up for success, or selling a home as you move on to a new stage, you need the support of an experienced advocate who understands this next chapter in your story.

When you work with Raveche you’ll sense our commitment to making your property journey purposeful, enjoyable and rewarding.

An image of Aife who is the melbourne buyer advocates and best in town.

Our Team

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Aife Raveche

Director & Officer in Effective Control - Vendor and Buyer Advocate
An image of Marquis who is one of the excellent melbourne property managers.

Marquis Raveche

Director & Head of Operations
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Jordan Nicolson

Property Manager

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Why Choose Raveche?

What Sets Us Apart from Other Buyers Agents?

Raveche has been built on trust and long-term relationships. We aim to provide above-standard service and expertise when it comes to all property transactions. Our industry and allied-industry relationships and affiliation are testament to the advantage that we can provide to ensure a successful journey for our clients.

Our Values


We are industry insiders

Our extensive professional expertise and passion for property puts us ahead of the ever-shifting real estate game. We help you access untapped real estate networks and insider tips to get your ideal property result.


We are your trusted partners

Your wish list and priorities are our true north point; keeping us focused on getting you your ideal property outcome. We act as your trusted eyes and ears in a fast-paced and often confusing market. We make sure you understand your options and have complete autonomy and choice in the decision-making process.


We are your attuned advisor

It’s the small, personalised touches that make a difference to your property outcome. We offer a tailored service that embraces you in the decision-making. You’ll feel understood, empowered and protected working with Raveche.


We are your determined advocate

We are master negotiators in the real estate arena, but prioritise plain speaking to you so you’re always up to speed with our progress. We know how to get a deal across the line that protects your needs and interests, and respects your time and finances.


We are your energetic cheerleader

So many of the moments that create who we are, happen in homes. We aim to make buying or selling property purposeful, enjoyable and rewarding. Our passion for the industry will ensure that a little bit of our property magic rubs off on you too.

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