Building Your Dream Townhouse: How Buyers’ Agents and Builders Work Together

building your dream townhouse
Written by Aife Raveche 
on 3 Jul, 2024

Buyer’s agents can deliver exceptional value to those building a new home. Whether it’s a townhouse or a sprawling acreage property, buyer’s agents can help you locate properties, negotiate with a home builder and much more. They take the stress out of buying or building a new home, and a buyer’s agent can be invaluable for property investors who don’t have much time to commit to the process.

In this article, we’ll explore in more detail how buyer’s agents work with townhouse builders, ensuring property buyers get maximum value for their investment.

What do buyer’s agents do?

Essentially, a buyer’s agent can do as much or as little as you need them to. They work on behalf of buyers, helping to streamline the process of buying or building a property. But as mentioned, every home buyer has different needs.

For example, you may want a buyer’s agent to simply handle negotiations with a townhouse builder, or bid on a property for you at auction. Alternatively, a buyer’s agent can offer a full service, including identifying and assessing properties, negotiating purchases, assisting with finance and legal support, plus much more.

Really, the specific services a buyer’s agent offers should vary depending on a client’s individual needs. If you want to build a new townhouse but don’t know where to start, a buyer’s agent likely knows the best builders in town and can commence a search on your behalf.

Identifying potential properties

The first step for most property investors, developers and homebuyers is locating a property or a plot of land to build on. Buyer’s agents can work with local builders to identify the best new townhouse opportunities.

Builders may already have developments in progress, or they can give your buyer’s agent the inside scoop on upcoming property availability. In that sense alone, a buyer’s agent practically pays for themselves by having access to off-market properties, especially in such a crowded real estate market.

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Due diligence and assessing properties

In addition to locating potential properties, your buyer’s agent can link up with builders to do a full and complete assessment. This due diligence is crucial for property investors who want to know as much as possible about a townhouse’s potential profitability.

For those building townhouses to live in themselves, they also want peace of mind that the location and site will meet their needs.

Buyer’s agents also conduct due diligence on potential builders to work with. So, if you’re not sure who should build your townhouse, your agent will probably know the people. If not, they can screen potential home builders based on your specific needs.

Negotiating the build price

Once you’ve chosen your builder, your buyer’s agent can start the negotiation process. This part of their service can be extremely beneficial to those with a tight budget. Whether it’s negotiating a lower build price, faster build time or certain inclusions, buyer’s agents can help you get exactly what you want.

Typically, a buyer’s agent in your area probably has existing relationships with building companies, and may even be able to offer specific discounts as pre-arranged with the builder.

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Design customisations

Most people who build a new home want a considerable amount of input into its design. However, not everybody is comfortable dealing with builders, so a buyer’s agent can step in on your behalf.

They can liaise with your builder when planning and designing your townhouse to ensure your needs are met. Buyer’s agents can also negotiate design changes and customisations along the way, removing the need for investors and buyers to deal with the builder.

Many people benefit greatly from this service, especially investors who don’t have much experience building homes. Dealing with builders can be daunting, and some people aren’t confident speaking in construction terms. Some may even worry that a less-than-reputable builder might take advantage of them. Using a buyer’s agent experienced in liaising with builders can remove this fear and give investors peace of mind.

Consider a buyer’s agent to work with your home builder

Overall, buyer’s agents deliver great value to property buyers and investors, streamlining the entire process and taking away the stress. They can do as much or as little as you need them to, and you still have full control and the final say on all aspects of your purchase. From finding off-market real estate opportunities to monitoring the construction progress, buyer’s agents remove the hassle of building a townhouse, and ensure you get full value for your investment.

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